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    Do you want to understand what is going on inside your mind, and how it happens? Who helps you to make decisions and why? Why are your decisions not always the best ones? Is it possible to make no mistakes at all?

    The new book by Aleksandr Sviyash will help you to understand these matters.

    The secrets of the subconscious mind are revealed for the first time ever. To be more precise, for the first time
    subconscious mind operation pattern is given in a simple and easily understandable form. Its structure and basic
    functions are shown, and this lets you learn to influence your subconscious mind more consciously. Now you will be able to get a sense of how to replace a negative mindset with the positive one. Moreover you can make this process
    thousands times easier using the contemporary progress in science!

    This book shows the model of emotional genesis and conversion from one to the other. It is explained what is going on while you contain your emotional stress. It will become clear why bad emotions remain in your body and the good ones pass into nothingness.

    The book suggests you practical tips how to get rid of your emotional mess and make your body remain emotionally clean and joyful. All the new ideas are supplied with practical tasks – this is not only a book, it’s a training guide too!

    Having read this book you will become an expert in influencing yourself and others.
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    Hot sex at any age. Vivid sex with your spouse after 15 and even more years of family life. Is it possible?
    Sure. Just a little switch should to be done in your internal biocomputer for it to execute the programs you need.
    The instruction manual is in this book.
    This book was written by А.Sviyash co-authored with a well-known professional in the area of sexual relations, a trainer in sexual development, and writer, Igor Nezovibatko.
    The book helps people who suffer from problems with sex to have better and more sex with live-in partners and of course with various other partners too, making it rich and exciting.
    This book for the very first time reveals secret mechanisms of answered love and sexual desire.
    It is explained in what way a wife’s spousal strategy should change depending on how rational or intuitional her husband is. In detail, it is observed what typical mistakes are made by men and women in their sexual life at the stage of couple creation and after wedding.
    The book gives recommendations for couples who have spent many years together working on their sexual life. The book includes troubleshooting of some typical sexual problems.
    The book is written in an easy to understand and helpful style even though it has a psychological bias.
    It is appropriate for any age of reader.
  • Календарь 08 АСТ
    Are you tired of a dull life? Is anything not good enough for you, but you have no idea of what exactly needs to be changed?
    So everything has got to be changed!
    There is no need to start with changing the external circumstances e.g. work, family or anything else. It may only add to the chaos and create additional reasons for you to be upset.
    Do you need a turn for the better? So start transforming yourself.
    This book is a tool and guideline for internal transformations.
    Each month you will work on transforming one special trait of your multi-faceted personality.
    The first month – you cleanse your soul and everything around you of the mess that has already got to you.
    The second month – you learn to see the perfection in the chaos that surrounds you.
    The third month – you spend the whole month cleansing your body of the accumulated emotional mess. Your body will rejoice at feeling your care.
    The fourth month – you accumulate personal power and so on.
    This book is your guide in the world of turns for the better.
    You cannot just read it. Unfortunately you will have to work with it! Only then the changes you need will enter your life, recreating your world.
  • o8
    Do you want to understand the processes that are in control of millions of human lives? This is just for you!
    In this book for the very first time the author departs from his traditional methodological and advisory approach and tries to bring more common philosophic and religious subjects under deliberation: What’s the meaning of life? Who needs God and religion? What will our world be like in future? How predictable is human behavior, and what ulterior motives do people’s actions have? Such reasoning helped numerous readers understand the hidden causes of events happening in their lives and lives of people around them.
    The book helps to quit blaming others, and understand the hidden causes of your own and other people’s behavior.
    The book is an addendum to the “Sensible Life” method, described in the book “Sensible Way. How to live without unnecessary xperiences” and in other books by А.Sviyash.
    The book excellently catharizes consciousness.
    (Ed: “This book very accurately describes consciousness”)
  • o7
    This book was written especially for young girls 14-24 years old, who suffer difficulties with low self-esteem, inability to build relationships with parents, teachers, and peers. This book is also for the girls seeking but unable to find their love.

    The book describes Aleksandr Sviyash’s “Sensible Life” method in respect to youth, and is based on examples that are clear for teenagers.

    The book contains 90 steps, each to be carried out during one to five days. A Girl’s attitude to herself and surrounding people changes during this time. She learns to see the joyful and positive sides of her own personal world, and finds out that any her wish, in principle, can be fulfilled on condition that the attitude is correct.

    Eventually the girl considering herself a loser, Cinderella, drastically changes her attitude to herself and her abilities, and becomes a Princess in every way.

    The book is also helpful for adults.

    The book had been republished more than 20 times!
  • o6
    In this book you will find numerous answers to questions that have troubled many people for a number years.
    The answers are divided into several sections that affect all aspects of our lives: problems within ourselves, relationships between a man and a woman, parents and children, problems with health, work and finances. It is the first book in which political issues are discussed, and A. Sviyash answers questions about himself.
    All answers are a practical implementation of Intellectual Path’s ideas to real life situations. This book further develops ideas, which have been discussed in earlier books.
  • o5
    Possible reasons for appearances of illnesses and ways to eliminate them are discussed in this book from the position of the “Sensible Life” method.
    The starting point is that everything that we have in our lives we create ourselves through our thoughts, emotions and actions. Because health is given to us at birth as a free resource, we have not learned to appreciate it.
    When the body can not cope with our ignorant attitude it begins to object to our actions through all kind of illnesses.
    Because any human is a multilevel organism, the reason for possible illnesses can lay within completely different levels – physical body, energetic matrix, the emotional sphere and mental sphere. In order to be a healthy individual, you need to be “clean” and healthy on all levels. This book discusses various methods to help you reach this objective.
  • o4
    This book is dedicated to the topic that troubles many of us: what are those internal aims and features of our character that prevent us from reaching financial freedom?

    This book is written using materials from numerous consultations and training sessions dedicated to attracting finances into individuals’ lives as well as reconstruction and reinforcement of businesses. It contains numerous specific examples, exercises and recommenda-tions that can be used by anyone irregardless of educational level, financial position etc. Many people have already been offered highly-paid positions, achieved success in business or repaid all their loans with help from this book.

    This book can help business people successfully predict how they can prevent some mistakes made by other entrepreneurs.

    The book develops the system of views towards the world described in the book “What to do, when everything is not the way you would like it to be”.
  • o3
    This book is intended for those who suffer problems in private and family life. In other words this book is for practically everyone except for those who temporarily are madly in love.
    The book is an application of the “Sensible Life” method to relationships between men and women.
    The first part of the book is dedicated to those who are not yet married but are intending to become married.
    The typical ways of how people “order” up loneliness for themselves are discussed in this part. What lessons Life can teach you in love and relations, trying to make you master the world in all its diversity. Phenomena of love and sex are observed not from the romantic angle, but from the energetic (vital) point of view, this way many things happening in people’s lives start making sense. Besides that, the part discusses features of husbands’ and wives’ spousal strategies proceeding from the fact that all of us are descended from ape-men, and the unconscious instinctive processes are very strong in us.
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    А book by Alexander and Julia Sviyash “Smile Before It’s Too Late. Positive psychology in everyday life” . This book is considered a
    workbook for business people who are interested in discovering their ideology and negative programming (their blockages to success) and eliminating them.

    There are 16 ideologies that are described for the first time in this book together with its characteristic thoughts and manifestations in life. This is a practical and methodical application to be used as a tool on the way to the Intellectual Life.

    All earlier books in general only give answers to the questions: WHY did it happen that you are not satisfied with your life?
    This book gives answers to a different question: What can we do so we will become happy?

    The book is the methodical addendum to the “Sensible Life” method.
  • o1
    The book is meant for increasing a person’s success in reaching any of his or her objectives. The book is published with a circulation of 500,000 copies and has been translated into many languages. It describes in detail how people create their own obstacles on the way to their stated goals. It seems to each person that his or her situation is unique -that their problems have nothing in common with the problems of other people, that their problems require a special approach in finding a solution. On the one hand it is right, and each person is unique by their own selection of “troubles”.