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Alexander, what are you working on now?

At the moment I’m revising my book “Rational world. How to live without unnecessary emotions”.  This book was written in 2003.  It brought together all the work I’d done on the method “The Rational Path” up till then.

It has to be said, the book was a success and helped many people. Here’s one of the testimonials I received from someone who had read the book and used the ideas contained in it:

“Alexander Gregoryevitch, Thank you for existing!  I came across the book “Rational World” at a very difficult time of my life – no money, my family at war and so on and so forth. Everything was awful. I read the book in one go, as if it was actually about me and those close to me. Now everything has changed. Thanks to “Rational World”  I’ve got my own business, I’m bringing in a stable income, I’ve got a loving husband and a wonderful son. Everything’s GREAT!!!  Thank YOU!”

Grishina Olga Michailovna

Obviously I realize that you’ll be thinking that this testimonial has been written by me or my colleagues.  But that is not the case.  Testimonials are frequently written by managers instead of clients in order to sell some sort of product or service. Even we sometimes use this gimmick, as it’s really difficult to get a testimonial for a new training session, for example.  It’s simpler to write to yourself.

But the testimonial I’ve cited is from a real person who decided for some reason to leave it on my site. I’ve got lots of similar testimonials.

So the book “Rational World” has been a success, but it’s got a bit out of date over the last 10 years.

When I started work on the creation of the method of “The Rational Path”, I was strongly under the influence of the Hindu view that every person’s life has a purpose, and that if he doesn’t fulfil this purpose, then certain Higher Forces will punish him, or “give him lessons”.  And in the book I explained how one must understand what this or that “lesson” teaches us.

But in recent years I have come to understand that the world leaves people to their devices. There are no Higher Powers following people’s actions and punishing them.

We all have a general task or calling – to develop, help others, to rejoice in our life in this marvellous world.

If a person does not fulfil this task, then his life will be full of envy, malice, resentments and fears; no one’s going to give him “lessons”. He’s completely left to his own devices.  And any kind of unpleasant event occurring in his life – illness, bankruptcy, an accident, a breakdown of his personal life or whatever –  will simply be of his own doing.

And in the new edition of the book “The Rational World” I wish to explain why and precisely how any given person brings unpleasant situations on himself and then struggles with them.

In other words, it won’t be a completely new book – all of the fundamental ideas of the original text remain.  I will simply increase the reader’s awareness that nothing that happens to him is brought about by some sort of “evil forces”, whose bad actions cause him suffering. No, none of us are Victims of the machinations of others. We are Creators of all of the events in our lives, including the unpleasant ones.

And I’ll talk about what you have to do, and how to do it, in order to remove the things in your life which you find unpleasant and start to achieve your desired goals in a way which people around one will find miraculous. But only you will understand that it’s you alone who have performed the miracle.

In recent years people have started to understand that people’s behaviour is directed by several independent mechanisms involved in decision making, which frequently compete with one another.

Some people are very rational – their behaviour is under the control of Reason. Other people are more instinctive – on our planet such people are in the majority.  At moments of intense emotions, it is precisely these which govern our behaviour – you can read an article about the real nature of emotions on my site. There are several other mechanisms which govern our emotions – I’ll write about these in the latest version of the book.

Obviously, to achieve the desired results you’ll have to do a lot of work on yourself, to change yourself.

At the start you’ll have to stop pretending to be a Victim and take responsibility for everything that happens to you.

And then step by step cleanse yourself and your body of the emotional pollutants which have accumulated over years of your life, change your convictions and develop in yourself new personal qualities. All this is possible.

If you do this, you will become a different person. And once you’ve become a different person, everything around you will change. Relationships will change; your status in society will change. You will have greater success on the path to your goals.

I think the reworking of the book will take me about six months.