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“How do intelligent people create an insane world”

  How is it that people with the gift of reason are creating an insane world? And how to start living as you want, rather than the way you are. Table of contents   Introduction   Part 1. How is it that people with the gift of reason are creating a insane world? 1.1 How

Interview for journal Heartfulness

   Hello, Alexander! We’d like to thank you for becoming a reader of our journal Heartfulness and agreeing to answer questions which might be of interest to our readers.     1.) Could you tell us please why, having achieved doctoral level in the technical sciences, you changed the focus of your attention and began investigating

Video: How negative emotions arise and what problems they create

A few years ago I wrote a book “The open subconscious. How to influence yourself and others”. In it I talked about the mechanism of creation of emotions. Then I made a video but forgot to post it on your website. I now correct that error. If you are interested in this topic, read the

The Technology of Personality Change

The Technology of Personality Change as an Instrument for Creating Harmonious Relations and Increasing Productivity in the Work-force of a Company.        The present situation     Many companies strive to create a positive atmosphere for their employees – a factor which acts as a spur to increased productivity.  For example, in the USA it has

Is Man an Animal?

       Now that we’ve established in what ways man applies his creative potential, let’s continue with our reflections. Have you ever thought about the question: is man an animal? Or something more? If you put this question to people you know, one could predict beforehand that most of them would actually become indignant. “How can


What did bring you in to write this book? This book appeared as a result of my prolonged efforts devoted to understanding why some individuals get everything quick and easy, while others have to spend their whole lives fighting for survival and realization of their ideas.

What is the “psychology of poverty”?

   Most people are dissatisfied with their material situation and would like to improve it.    Of course, this by no means applies to everyone.    This time we’ll talk about the ways in which the system of beliefs of poor people differs from that of rich people.    Although practically no one, with the

Uncovering The Mechanisms Of Emotions

(Chapter from the book “Open subconscious. How to influence yourself and others”) We live in a world of emotions     Most of us live our lives in the company of emotions. Now we rejoice, now we are distressed, now we experience irritation or guilt, and so on. This is our reality.     We may openly

Effective Forgiving

To cleanse yourself of memories of negative life experiences, we suggest that you use the method “Effective Forgiveness”. Let’s Foregive. To independently cleanse your body of any unnecessary memories ( and any accompanying emotional blocks), we suggest that you use the technique of foregivness. This might be simple formula for forgiveness, consisting solely of two