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A neurotrainer for self-solving psychological problems

On the website on the second page, I created a Neurotrainer on which you can independently solve 16 psychological problems. There you can increase your self-esteem, increase your income, discover the qualities of an entrepreneur, stop being offended, and so on.The site has a translator for various languages, so anyone can use it. Use

Clean up your own psychological problems

I installed an automatic translator on the pages of my site   for self-release from only two problems so far. You can independently get out of any conflict and establish any relationship here  .    And you can cleanse your body of the remnants of negative experiences here  . Hopefully this will help people

A new book “How to change yourself and be successful in any situation” has been published.

The new book “How to Change Oneself Correctly and Be Successful in Any Situation” was published by the AST publishing house.The book is large, 384 pages. It contains recommendations on how in two or a little more steps you can increase your self-esteem, get rid of feelings of guilt or fear, remove resentment, improve relationships

A new book

The new book  “How do intelligent people create an insane world” has been released by publishing house and uses high interest between readers.Read the first three chapters of this book in English in the page Writings. 

Audiobook “The impossible is possible. 7 principles of successful and happy life”

Now the site contains audiobook “The impossible is possible. 7 principles of successful and happy life”. You can listen to the first three chapters of the book and purchase books entirely.

Training “Complete restart”

Now I’m in the Canary Islands, Spain. In early January I will conduct training “Complete restart” for participants from Russia and Europe. This training I spend a lot of years, it gives excellent results in the lives of people most remarkable changes.

The new book “Money is within you. Take away the barriers before the money”

This year I was successful – I wrote a second book on the topic of “Money within you. Take away the barriers before the money”. In the book, I consider 8 internal barriers that prevent people to achieve the outcomes in the money to which they aspire. If you remove these barriers, open up enormous

The method of Effective forgiveness

I wrote a new book “The method of Effective forgiveness”. How to erase all traces of negative experiences. Positive psychology for independent use”. In it I give several techniques by which you can cleanse your body from traces of the negative experiences he had experienced in his whole life.

Training in the Canary Islands

In early January 2016, I spend training called “Complete restart of consciousness” on the island of Tenerife. People come from Russia and other European countries. I’ll give the new developments as described in Кeasonable way.

The reception at the US Embassy at Moscow

July 4th, I was invited to the US Embassy at the reception in honor of Independence Day. The atmosphere was informal, with a speech by the ambassador only. I met many interesting people.