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Sex as a joyful psychotherapy for extremely busy ladies and gentlemen


Hot sex at any age. Vivid sex with your spouse after 15 and even more years of family life. Is it possible?

Sure. Just a little switch should to be done in your internal biocomputer for it to execute the programs you need.

The instruction manual is in this book.

This book was written by А.Sviyash co-authored with a well-known professional in the area of sexual relations, a trainer in sexual development, and writer, Igor Nezovibatko.

The book helps people who suffer from problems with sex to have better and more sex with live-in partners and of course with various other partners too, making it rich and exciting.

This book for the very first time reveals secret mechanisms of answered love and sexual desire.

It is explained in what way a wife’s spousal strategy should change depending on how rational or intuitional her husband is. In detail, it is observed what typical mistakes are made by men and women in their sexual life at the stage of couple creation and after wedding.

The book gives recommendations for couples who have spent many years together working on their sexual life. The book includes troubleshooting of some typical sexual problems.

The book is written in an easy to understand and helpful style even though it has a psychological bias.

It is appropriate for any age of reader.