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From Cinderella to Princess. 90 steps to the happy life


This book was written especially for young girls 14-24 years old, who suffer difficulties with low self-esteem, inability to build relationships with parents, teachers, and peers. This book is also for the girls seeking but unable to find their love.

The book describes Aleksandr Sviyash’s “Sensible Life” method in respect to youth, and is based on examples that are clear for teenagers.

The book contains 90 steps, each to be carried out during one to five days. A Girl’s attitude to herself and surrounding people changes during this time. She learns to see the joyful and positive sides of her own personal world, and finds out that any her wish, in principle, can be fulfilled on condition that the attitude is correct.

Eventually the girl considering herself a loser, Cinderella, drastically changes her attitude to herself and her abilities, and becomes a Princess in every way.

The book is also helpful for adults.

The book had been republished more than 20 times!