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Sensible Way. How to live without unnecessary experiences


This book describes all the main ideas of the theory called “Sensible Life.”

The book is a sequel to and further develops the ideas from the book «How to Learn Life’s Lessons and Become Life’s Favorite».

The book is meant for increasing a person’s success in reaching any of his or her objectives. The book is published with a circulation of 500,000 copies and has been translated into many languages. It describes in detail how people create their own obstacles on the way to their stated goals. It seems to each person that his or her situation is unique -that their problems have nothing in common with the problems of other people, that their problems require a special approach in finding a solution. On the one hand it is right, and each person is unique by their own selection of “troubles”.

However, all our problems, or to be more precise, means of problems creation (the ways of creating problems) can be divided into four large groups, i.e.:

  1. We unconsciously order miscellaneous troubles for ourselves and then suffer from them;
  2. Like robots we execute programs inherited from our parents, society, etc. and then we suffer from the results of our own efforts;
  3. We spend very much time and put a lot of effort into changing something in ourselves or others. Our overvalued ideas are extremely important to us, and we struggle to keep our illusions to the last breath. Or until our plans and hopes are completely crushed);
  4. Even if we do not order troubles for ourselves, do not execute negative mindsets, and do not struggle for our ideals, we may suffer great difficulties on our way to the desired goals due to incorrect wording of our needs.

The first part of the book is dedicated to an overview of the methods to ruin your own life and ways of changing the situation to the opposite, i.e. a suitable method for you.

If, having got rid of all the obstacles on your way, you should correctly state to the Universe what exactly you want, and you will surely be granted it. Of course you must put some efforts in to achieve the desired aim. Way your “orders” should be worded and how to aim at the desired objectives are discussed in the second part of the book.

The third, forth and fifth chapters are dedicated to the overview of typical mistakes and ways to correct them in private and family life, money matters, work, and health.

This book has already turned around the lives of hundreds thousands of people.

The book was published with circulation of five hundred thousand printed copies and was translated into many languages (it hasn’t yet been translated into English).