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Schedule of turns for the better

Календарь 08 АСТ

Are you tired of a dull life? Is anything not good enough for you, but you have no idea of what exactly needs to be changed? So everything has got to be changed!

There is no need to start with changing the external circumstances e.g. work, family or anything else. It may only add to the chaos and create additional reasons for you to be upset. Do you need a turn for the better? So start transforming yourself.

This book is a tool and guideline for internal transformations.

Each month you will work on transforming one special trait of your multi-faceted personality.

The first month – you cleanse your soul and everything around you of the mess that has already got to you.

The second month – you learn to see the perfection in the chaos that surrounds you.

The third month – you spend the whole month cleansing your body of the accumulated emotional mess. Your body will rejoice at feeling your care.

The fourth month – you accumulate personal power and so on.

This book is your guide in the world of turns for the better.

You cannot just read it. Unfortunately you will have to work with it! Only then the changes you need will enter your life, recreating your world.