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Advice on Arranging and Re-arranging Your Marriage


This book is intended for those who suffer problems in private and family life. In other words this book is for practically everyone except for those who temporarily are madly in love.

The book is an application of the “Sensible Life” method to relationships between men and women.

The first part of the book is dedicated to those who are not yet married but are intending to become married.

The typical ways of how people “order” up loneliness for themselves are discussed in this part. What lessons Life can teach you in love and relations, trying to make you master the world in all its diversity. Phenomena of love and sex are observed not from the romantic angle, but from the energetic (vital) point of view, this way many things happening in people’s lives start making sense. Besides that, the part discusses features of husbands’ and wives’ spousal strategies proceeding from the fact that all of us are descended from ape-men, and the unconscious instinctive processes are very strong in us.

There are recommendations for building the internal strategy of approaching the stated goal, in other words meeting love and getting married.

The second part of the book is dedicated to the mistakes made by married people. There are recommendations for newlyweds and people, who have already spent many years together. It is observed, how people create for themselves undesired situations with their children, and why children can have the traits of character or objectives that are not acceptable for their parents, and many other things. Why sexual problems often arise in the lives of people actively involved in business or work. There are recommendations on how to get rid of that. The book has been republished for many years and its total circulation exceeds one million printed copies. It was translated into several languages.