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HUMANITY project. Success or failure?


Do you want to understand the processes that are in control of millions of human lives? This is just for you!

In this book for the very first time the author departs from his traditional methodological and advisory approach and tries to bring more common philosophic and religious subjects under deliberation: What’s the meaning of life? Who needs God and religion? What will our world be like in future? How predictable is human behavior, and what ulterior motives do people’s actions have? Such reasoning helped numerous readers understand the hidden causes of events happening in their lives and lives of people around them.

The book helps to quit blaming others, and understand the hidden causes of your own and other people’s behavior.

The book is an addendum to the “Sensible Life” method, described in the book “Sensible Way. How to live without unnecessary experiences” and in other books by А.Sviyash.

The book excellently catharizes consciousness.

(Ed: “This book very accurately describes consciousness”)