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How to Learn Life’s Lessons and Become Life’s Favorite

1.4 Typical “Educational” Measures

This discussion is intended to help people who want to try to determine on their own what life errors they make, what they idealize, and how Life corrects their mistakes.

This task is difficult because it is hard for us to evaluate ourselves and accept that some of our views are wrong, especially if we have held these beliefs for many years.

Without accepting our errors, we will be unable to calculate correctly the level of the stress liquid in our SA, and we will not be ready to learn the lessons that our Guardian prepared for us to correct our mistaken views.

As you understand this already, these measures can be quite painful.

Keep it in mind that the idealization of earthly and spiritual values can be corrected by situations that destroy these values. We can be certain that our Guardian correctly “diagnoses” our mistakes and provides us with the correct “medication.” Consequently, if we analyze the educational measures that we face in our life, we can determine their reasons.

There is only a certain number of educational measures, so we can define the most common ones and classify them according to the different aspects of our lives.

The primary “educational” categories are family, children, and work. Let us examine each of these categories.