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How to Learn Life’s Lessons and Become Life’s Favorite

2.3 Let’s Get Rid of the Problems of the Immortal Soul.

In this chapter, we will explain to you how you may work with problems that your immortal soul brought to your life from its previous incarnations.

Please do not look for the reasons of your problems in your previous lives, however! It is so easy to take a position of a victim of your previous incarnations and feel pity for yourself.

Our experience shows that the main reason for most people’s problems lies in the ideas that they stick by, which that lead to ―educational‖ measures.

Yet, sometimes our immortal soul is the source of our problems. The soul might want to correct its past mistakes when it brings into your particular body the information of all the problems/mistakes made in the past incarnations.

Sadly, it happens; however, do not think that all our current troubles are linked to our unknown past life.

Otherwise, you will feel the victim of the circumstances.

The victim cannot do anything about the situation and has the only choice to wait when the ―bad karma‖ stops influencing his life. Waiting may take a long time. It can take the whole life.

We suggest that you accept the role of captain of your ship. You created your own problems; now you need to get rid of them. You can control the situation.

Not All Problems Are Brought from Past Lives.

Our experience indicates that not everybody has this kind of problem. It only makes sense to look for the reasons of your problems in past lives if it is impossible to explain your current problems by your idealizations or the overflowing of your SA.

There exist not so many problems of this kind, and they usually manifest themselves in unexplainable actions, fears (phobias), or strange interactions with other people.

(In esoteric science, these interactions are called the ―karmic nod.‖) Those problems are called ―karmic,‖ and we are going to explain to you how to fight them.

For example, a person may be afraid of water and has a fear of swimming, even though he has never been through a drowning accident before. Other people are afraid of heights, solitude, or darkness for no reason.

There exist many different phobias, and some of them come from past lives.

Look for Reasons in the Present.

Seeking the reasons for the problems in the past lives makes us powerless and dependent on a clairvoyant who might discover the problem and eliminate it. In this way, it is easy for a clairvoyant to manipulate us.

We prefer a different approach. While not denying the existence of karmic problems in some cases, the suggestion is to try to figure out on your own what problems existed in your past, i.e., what information about past problems your immortal soul brought to this life. Often, you may get this information on your own.

How to Analyze Your Own Past

At first, analyze in detail all the problems that you face in life, depending on how many ―educational‖ measures Life applies to you. According to the five ways of destroying idealizations, you should realize your mistaken beliefs and idealizations.

Only if you cannot explain a certain problem according to the SA model (it means, you do not feel stress for a long time), you should try to logically explain what negative events might have taken place in your distant past.

For example, if you have hated water since you were a child and are afraid to learn to swim now, you probably were drowning in one of your past lives and were horrified. You had better find out the circumstances of the accident to correctly decode this information. Yet, you may only consider your water-phobia as a karmic problem if you have never had water accidents in this life. If you were drowning in this life, then your emotional body has a water-phobia impulse, and it is not a karmic problem.

Rather, it is a problem of your current life, and you have to treat it in different ways, including the ones used by the modern psychologists.

How to Discover Information on Your Own

What can we do if we need to know exactly what happened in our past in order to change our memories about it? There are several ways of getting this information.

For example, when meditating, you may make a request and see the requested information in the form of a vision.

This approach often works if you are sensitive and have a vivid imagination. You may use any meditation, including reincarnation meditation that lets you see one of your past lives.

You may also request this information from yourself before going to sleep. You will probably see the answer in your dreams, especially if you repeat the request several dozen

times. The answer may be clear (a dream of events from your distant past) or latent (a dream you will have to interpret).

Finally, you may directly ask your subconscious. We will explain to you how to do this in the last chapter of this book.

You may apply the same principle to any other problem that you are unable to figure out in relation to your Stress Accumulator. Perhaps you have claustrophobia—most likely, it means that your subtle body stores information about a terror that you felt while dying in a small, closed space.

This way, we can find very sound reasons for many phobias that lie in our past life. Just do not go too deep into this approach. We have noticed that in 95% of the cases, the reason for our problems lies in erroneous beliefs and idealizations, and only 5% of the situations have their roots deep in the past lives.

What to Do with the Received Information

Let us assume that you discovered what negative event took place in your life in the distant past. What should you do next?

You need to re-program the information stored in your subtle body. It is not really possible to change your past.

Yet, it is quite simple to change your memories about it because we just have to change the information. We recommend that you perform the following exercise to achieve this goal.

You may do it either while meditating and seeing the events of your past life, or later in your free time if you have received some information in your dreams or discovered it while asking your subconscious.

Re-Program Your Past Exercise

Ask people not to bother you for fifteen to twenty minutes.

Take a comfortable position, close your eyes, relax your muscles, and stop your train of thoughts.

Consider (or imagine) in detail an event that led to your karmic problem (you drown, you kill a person, you are killed, etc.).

Now “rewind” this event to the beginning, and consciously make up a happy ending.

For example, perhaps you were drowning, but suddenly you regained control and returned to the surface or lifeguards saved you. Rejoice over your salvation. In your thoughts, thank God and your Guardian Angel for their help. Then open your eyes and get back to your natural state.

As you can see, this exercise is not complicated.

Anyone who can look inside himself is able to do it. Even without this ability, you may complete this exercise—only you will have to use words instead of pictures.

Example 1. Valentina is married, has three children, works as a manager for a trade company, and has never had any deviations in her psyche, except for one. Once, when she played with her children, somehow all three of them jumped on top of her, and she had a panic attack. She had to push the children away. They did not understand why their mother became so angry. She herself had no idea what was happening because she had no reasons to panic. The situation repeated several times, so eventually she stopped playing with her kids to avoid this strange situation.

During the reincarnation meditation, she saw herself as a soldier during the Second World War. She was hiding in a trench while a German tank was moving toward her. The trench was shallow, so the tank killed the soldier. The fear that her body experienced at the moment of this horrible death and the remnants of what her soul remembered was recorded in her subtle body. In her next life, it manifested itself as a panic attack when something pounced on her, even her own children.

Valentina recoded this situation in her imagination.

During the meditation, she imagined that the trench had been deep and the tank could not hurt her. When the tank passed, the soldier blew it up with a grenade.

Since then, the children have been able to play with their mother as much as possible, and she has never felt panic anymore.

Example 2. Maria is a doctor and has worked in the ER for many years. When she was about thirty years old, her back started bothering her. She went through all kinds of treatment, but the pain was progressing. At forty, she had to retire because she had become disabled. Lately, she had to constantly wear a special spinal corset and take sleeping pills because she developed insomnia.

During the reincarnation meditation, Maria saw herself as a warrior in Europe in the 17th century. His army conquered a town, and the warrior was fighting in the battle. At some point, an enemy soldier came from behind and stabbed him in the back with a sword. The warrior died from the back injury.

Maria re-programmed this situation. She imagined that the warrior had been warned of the approaching enemy, so he turned around and defended himself. As a result, a stab in the back did not kill him.

After this simple action, Maria stopped taking her medication and immediately started getting better.

These examples show that re-programmed information of events that took place in the distant past is quite efficient. We only need to get the exact information about the events that happened. It is not easy to get this information, but it is possible.

Re-program Your Dreams

This exercise may be used for more than just changing memories about the past. We recommend that you always use it when you see nightmares. If you wake up in horror because someone was chasing you in your dreams, you fell off a cliff, a car hit you, or something else frightening happened, do not leave things as they were. Re-program your dreams for the better!

To re-program your dreams, wake up, close your eyes, and try to invoke your scary dream. Change the ending to a happy one. For example, if you fall off a cliff in your dream, imagine that, instead of hitting the ground, you fall in the water beneath and swim to the shore safely. If someone chases you in your dream, imagine that the police suddenly arrive, arrest the criminals, and take you home. This way, you can even change your real future for the better. Probably your dream contained information about some negative event in your near future. If you change this information, your life may take a happier path. You chose a different future for yourself, and it will most likely come true. Help yourself to make this choice.

To correct the information about negative events in your past lives (i.e., to let your immortal soul get rid of the negative information), you need to realize that event and re-program it, keeping the original setup but creating a happy ending.

What Else Should We Clean?

In this chapter, we told you about the cleansing procedures that help you to avoid unpleasant ―educational‖ measures that Life applies to you.

We already explained how to clean up our emotional body with the help of the Meditation of Forgiveness. We also described the method of changing your attitude toward your existing situation with the help of the Pincushion of Events exercise. Then we talked about the technique of re-programming the negative information.

It is clear that there exist more tools for cleaning and correcting the human psyche. There are other methods that you can use on your own or with the help of professionals.

Should we clean and adjust our physical and energy bodies? Yes, as they are responsible for our physical and spiritual health.

Whether our physical body is clean or soiled and what our energetic state is depends on our lifestyle and priorities.

It means that our mental body always remains primary and stores our erroneous precepts concerning our body and lifestyle. We consider these questions in more detail in our book called Do You Want to Be Healthy? Go Ahead! Now, we will not talk too much about the health issues. Yet, by now you should already understand that your health problems in most cases are the direct result of storing too many negative thought-forms in your emotional body. Our body cannot stand such an attitude and protests in the form of illnesses.

Often you just have to use the forgiveness meditation and the gravest—sometimes even incurable—diseases just go away. We already described how to clean the emotional body.

Work on Your Own

The last recommendation that we would like to give you is the following: It is necessary for you to work on your own.

No medications or healers will ever be as effective as your self-work. They may help, of course (they relate to the ―foreign influences‖ pipe), but only temporarily, and they will not shut down the valves of your idealizations. These ―valves‖ exist in your head, where no one else can get but you.

We wish you good luck in avoiding the ―educational‖ spiritual lessons!


Some problems in our lives occur because our immortal soul brings information about the mistakes or stress from our past into our present. No more than 5% of people face this kind of problem.

To get rid of our past problems, we need to determine what negative event took place in one of our past lives. It is possible to do this by meditation, during sleep, or by addressing our subconscious.

“Cleaning” entails mentally changing the ending of the negative event into a happy end.

Mentally changing the train of events should always be done after we obtain the information about negative events in the past or in the future (e.g., in our dreams).