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How to Learn Life’s Lessons and Become Life’s Favorite

2.1 Say Goodbye to Your Negative Emotions!

Everything in this world is ruled by emotions. So let us start with learning some techniques that will help you to cleanse your subtle body. This body stores all our offense, condemnation, memories of jealousy or anger, and other positive or negative emotions. If the emotions were positive, then memories of them make our life more pleasant, and as a result, we will not fight them.

Negative emotions have a different effect. Almost all of us have been feeling such emotions from our childhood, and we probably feel them now. We already mentioned where these emotions come from. Our mind idealizes the world, but the real world is dramatically different from our model. Having noticed this difference, you may stop paying attention to it or may try to change the world according to your ideas, if it is possible. You may also do nothing and feel a great deal of negative stress, wondering why everything goes so wrong.

Emotions Are Stored as Thought-Forms.

Each stressful emotion is accompanied by a certain set of thoughts. As a result, each strong emotion forms a corresponding thought-form (bundle of energy and information) that is stored in our emotional body in the form of a dirty stain (in case of a negative emotion). In other words, all stress is recorded in the cell memory of our body. The stronger our offense or condemnation is, the larger and denser the corresponding thought-form is.

Thus, unfortunately, our stress does not disappear. It is stored in the emotional body and initiates the stress outbursts in our uncontrollable mind. So when we see a person looking even a little like our offender, our memory produces a corresponding thought-form, and we start thinking of all our offenses and go through them again. In this way, the existing thought-form becomes more dense and massive. As you understand right now, this is how our SA gets filled.

All Offenses Stay Inside Us.

By the moment we turn, say, forty, we might possess a lot of negative thought-forms. Each of them is connected with some person—your father, mother, children, husband or wife, boss, or any other people who cause us negative stress.

Sooner or later, the stress weakens, and it seems as if we do not take offense and do not condemn anymore. At least we believe so, as we have already forgotten the negative events and the accompanying stress. Sadly, the reality is different. We might have forgotten the negative stress that we experienced in our childhood, but this stress still stays in our emotional body and we need to activate certain procedures to get rid of it.

More precisely, the negative thought-forms do somehow melt away, but very slowly, especially if we accumulated them with years by taking offense with someone or condemning people. After so many years, the thought-forms became large and dense, and we cannot eliminate them simply by forgetting about our offender. Nor can we get rid of them by consciously forgiving the offenders.

It is true that forgiveness will block a corresponding valve of the SA, but the stress liquid level will hardly change.

As our offenses and condemnations are stored in our subtle bodies, our Guardian will have to use the third way of destroying our idealizations, i.e. he will put us in the situation of the person whom we condemned.

We already gave you an example of typical lessons for the family.

Let’s say a child condemns his parents for the discord in their relationship. Therefore, a large thought-form concerning the condemnation of his parents gets stored in his emotional body. When the child grows older, he may consciously forgive his parents and change his attitude toward them (especially if one of them dies). The thought-form of offence or condemnation does not go away, however; it is still with him. Our Guardian is aware of it, so he has to apply “educational” measures to this person i.e., to create the same situation that annoyed him concerning his parents.

Let Us Erase Negative Thought-Forms.

To avoid such ―educational‖ measures, we need to find a way to erase these thought-forms in our emotional body. Who is able to do it best? Ourselves, of course, because it is our own problem. We need a special tool for this cleansing, something that can interact with the subtle matter of our emotional body.

There exist many tools for this purpose—for instant, seeing your psychotherapist is not such a bad idea, as well.

Yet, such a specialist usually works with one very strong emotion ruining your life that made you ask for help (offense taken with a girlfriend who left you or a husband who dumped you for another woman, etc.). We need to deal with all of the thought-forms that are responsible for our stress, however, including the ones we forgot all about a long time ago.

Let Us Totally Clean the Emotional Body.

That is why we suggest you totally cleanse your emotional body and get rid of any negative thought-forms that appeared due to interaction with other people. During lifetime, you meet many people, so while cleaning your emotional body, you should take them all into account.

If you are a young person and have never been very tactful, then you might possess hundreds of negative thought-forms, depending on the number of people who caused you negative stress. You emotional body is very dirty, and it will take an effort to clean it.

Remember All Your Acquaintances.

We recommend that you make a list of all the people you interacted with in your early childhood, at school, in college, at work, at home, etc. Try to remember details and put every person on this list.

The first entries of your list should represent people about whom you felt the most negative emotions. Then list all the others. You will have to clean your emotional body, thinking separately about each of these people. It is not easy and will take one to two months of work.

“Cleaning” Takes a Long Time.

If you try to forgive your enemies all at once and feel love toward them, you will still not stop receiving spiritual ―lessons‖ from your Guardian. Feeling love toward your enemies will just result in closing the valves through which negative emotions enter your the SA. It will mean that your SA stops filling, but the stress liquid level will remain the same for some time.

That is why changes for the better often do not happen immediately, even when you ―start loving everybody.‖ Things may even become worse. It is very sad, is it not? What can you do in this situation?

One of the lower pipes of the SA is called ―Conscious Actions.‖ To quickly clean your SA, you should use its capacity, i.e., take conscious actions to clean your SA. Being merciful and charitable will do, but it is a slow path. To have this pipe release your sins quickly, you need to do certain exercises.

One of the exercises we recommend is called Meditation of Forgiveness. It is a well-known exercise used in various spiritual schools in one form or another.

This exercise will also help you to stop the train of negative thoughts. It is based on the well-known principle of replacing uncontrolled thoughts by positive ones.

You may do the exercise at any time. For example, when walking down the street, riding a bus, attending a meeting, waiting for someone, etc.

Meditation of Forgiveness Exercise

Choose a person you got offended by (or you feel a negative emotion toward). You need to erase your thought-form concerning this person. In our example, let it be a husband.

Start repeating this phrase for a long time: ―With love and gratitude, I forgive my husband and accept him as he was created by God [or, as he is]. I ask my husband for forgiveness for my thoughts and emotions toward him.‖

Repeat this phrase until you feel warmth in your heart.

This sensation indicates that the negative thought-form concerning this person is completely erased.

Some very emotional people reach this sensation within five minutes. Other people never feel this warmth, and that is fine, too. To achieve successful results, you need to spend a certain amount of time on this meditation.

If you had tense relationship with someone for many years, then you need to spend three to five hours on this meditation.

This time may consist of short meditations that you can do in your free time. If you did not have serious conflicts with this person, then you need to spend thirty to fifty minutes on the meditation.

After you get rid of the thought-form, start repeating the following phrase in your mind: ―With love and gratitude my husband forgives me.‖ In this way, you will erase a negative thought-form that was ―given‖ to you by your husband during your conflicts.

Repeat this phrase until you feel warmth in your chest again or you see your husband inside your mind. If his negative thought-form is successfully erased, then your husband may turn his face to you, smile, or even wave his hand (in your mind, of course). It means that your emotional body was cleansed of all offenses and other negative emotions.

Apply This Principle to Everyone You Know.

We only considered the meditation of forgiveness concerning a husband. Yet, it is only the first step toward cleaning your emotional body. Next, you need to do the same thing concerning your father, mother, siblings, exhusbands, or wives, if you had tense or conflicting relationship with them. Then meditate about all your relatives (each one separately) who interacted with you and caused you trouble. Do not forget the acquaintances at work or the people you practice your hobbies with, unfair bosses or ungrateful subordinates, your loved ones with whom you parted, and last, but not least, yourself if you get angry with yourself. The phrase to use here is almost the same: ―I ask myself for forgiveness for my thoughts and emotions concerning myself. With love and gratitude, I forgive myself and accept myself as I am.‖

People tend to judge themselves. (Why am I so unlucky, ugly, shy, or stupid?) They take offense with themselves and feel guilty all the time; however, self-condemnation is a sin as serious as condemnation of other people.

That is why it is necessary for us to forgive ourselves.

Next, you should pay attention to Life in general. Most likely, you sometimes took offense with Life for taking away your loved one or your relative, or for making your life too difficult. The phrase for this meditation is the following: ―With love and gratitude, I forgive Life and accept it as it is. I ask Life for forgiveness for all negative thoughts and emotions toward it. With love and gratitude, Life forgives me.‖

The ultimate meditation time depends on how deeply you are upset with Life. The meditation concerning people with whom you had the most conflicting relationship will require several hours of meditation. For old acquaintances or relatives who you can hardly remember, you should work ten to thirty minutes (for each).

Try to determine yourself how much time you will need for this exercise. A person over forty years old will need at least a month of work to completely get rid of all offenses. The general meditation time should not be less than thirty hours.

While reading this chapter, you might think: Why should I repeat the forgiveness meditation for such a long time? It seems like you no longer remember the offense that you took with some people, forgave some, and already feel compassion toward other ones. Your mental level is clean. Then why do you keep ―getting lessons‖ from your Guardian?

Sins as Dirty Stains on Paper

To answer this question, let us use a simple comparison.

Imagine that your negative thought-form is a dirty stain on a sheet of paper. The larger and darker the thoughtform, the bigger the stain appears.

You need to clean the paper, but the eraser that you have is really small. Every move of the eraser cleans a small part of the dirty surface. To clean the entire sheet, we need to perform a lot of cleaning movements. The bigger the stain, the more moves we use.

That is why we suggest you repeat the forgiveness meditation in your mind many times. Each repetition erases only a small part of your thought-form. If you realize that your former beliefs were incorrect and forgive your enemies, you erase a big part of your thought-form; however, you only erase a bit at a time.

Therefore, while forgiving and accepting the world, do not forget about your former offenses and indignation. Work with them separately, and your Guardian will not have to apply ―educational‖ measures to you anymore.


All the negative stress that we feel is stored in our emotional body as thought-forms (dark bundles of thoughts and emotions).

Negative thought-forms do not get erased immediately after we change our attitude toward the world and forgive our former enemies.

To quicken the process of cleansing the emotional body, we suggest practicing the Forgiveness Meditation, i.e., erasing a negative thought-from by repeating a certain phrase.

The Forgiveness Meditation should be applied to all people with whom we had tense relations, including relatives, acquaintances, Life, and ourselves.