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How to Learn Life’s Lessons and Become Life’s Favorite

  1. Let’s Get Rid of the Problems.

 In this chapter, we will continue talking about Life’s lessons and, more precisely, about the methods for getting rid of the ―educational‖ measures taken by the surrounding world against us.

Getting Rid of All Problems

What should we do in order not to be taught by Life? In general, we should get rid of the negative stress that we already have and should not accumulate any new stress. Yes, it is not that easy. We might have accumulated negative emotions for many years, so simply saying ―I forgive everybody,‖ even sincerely, will hardly help us to get rid of all the accumulated negative stress. Also, it is hard to stop stressing out right away only by figuring out what our idealizations are; we need more help here. That is why we are ready to offer you valuable recommendations to ease up the transition to your new life without stress.

In this book we are going to use an esoteric model of the man, which not only considers a human being as a material object (physical body), but also illustrates that a human being possesses a spiritual (subtle material) component called either aura or soul (in religion).

According to this model, a human being consists of a physical body and six subtle non-material bodies.

Therefore, we keep in mind that a human being presents a very complicated structure consisting of the physical body, as well as non-material ones such as energy, emotional (astral), mental, and several other subtle bodies.

Together, they form what is called the ―immortal soul‖ that moves from body to body in the process of reincarnation.

The materialists who do not believe in the existence of subtle bodies might instead think of the different psyche components, i.e., health (energy), emotions, and thoughts (mental body).

Our experience shows that all subtle bodies influence our life. Our immortal soul may also bring from the past some problems that we are unaware of. That is why we should look deeper into our soul.

So if you are going to become a ―saint‖—that is, clean your Stress Accumulator (SA) —we suggest you purify all your subtle bodies. Otherwise, the cleansing or treatment will not be efficient, or the results will only be temporary.

What Are We Going to Clean?

Is it a good idea to get rid of every single problem in our life? This question is not that simple to answer. It is easy to come to a conclusion that total cleansing may result in losing interest in life.

We already mentioned earlier that only saints have an empty SA, as they have no desires in this world. If we successfully clean our SA, the same will happen to us.

Everything will be possible for us, but we will not want it.

Nothing will worry us, as we will calmly accept anything that Life brings.

Would you like to face such a future? We guess not.

More precisely, such a goal is virtually impossible to achieve. We all want to lead an active life, buy nice things, and feel alive, even if it involves having to pay bills or arguing with relatives or friends. Life does not allow us to be entirely tranquil and remote, and we can never avoid temptations. So what can we do?

We suggest you choose problems you want to get rid of i.e., you should select several valves of the SA that are the most important for you. Let some stress liquid in through these valves, i.e., you may still slightly idealize some aspects of life (love, family, money, art, etc.); however, try to keep the other valves closed by staying away from condemning, judging, or despising other people. Then you will be able to live your life joyfully, and your SA will only be 45–55% full. As we already mentioned, this percentage represents the best situation for allowing all of your earthly dreams to come true.

If this recommendation sounds good to you, let us tell you what methods and techniques will help you transform into this comfortable state. Even if you want to become a ―saint‖ and are not interested in earthly values, our method will help you. Using it is not enough to become a saint, however; for this, you need other, more complicated techniques. But that’s a different story. Now let us talk about cleaning our SA.