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Meet the autor

Alexander Sviyash

Alexander Sviyash

Alexander Sviyash – writer, life-coach, business-coach, Master of positive thinking.

He is also Doctor of technical sciences, current member of the Academy of discoverers and inventors. Current member of the Professional psychological league.

Co-chairman of the Association of professionals for the development of personality.

In 2012, received an award by the European Business Assembly (EBA, Oxford, UK) for his professional achievements and European integration.

Head of the Centre of self-transformation of personality «The reasonable Way» since 1998.

Author of 14 books with a circulation of over 10 million. The most well-known and popular are: “How to be, when everything is not as you want it to be”, “What’s preventing you from being rich?”, “A rational world. How to live without superfluous emotions”, “The subconscious uncovered: how to influence yourself and others”.

You can look at the covers of the books here.

All of the books develop one theme: the author’s system, in which the causes of the problems arising in people’s lives and the means of increasing personal effectiveness are explained.

The books have been translated and published in Latvia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, the USA, Argentina, and Italy.

Alexander Sviyash – the original creator of a system providing advice to people about the causes of problems arising in their lives.

Organiser and supervisor of numerous trainings taking place in many towns and countries throughout the world.

Author of numerous articles in a very wide range of periodicals.

Frequent guest in many television programmes of national and regional TV. Part of his TV appearances can be watched here (in Russian)

He leads his useful blog, where answers questions from subscribers.

Born in a small village in Northern Kazakhstan, author Alexander Sviyash has penned a variety of books that have become real bestsellers within a short period of time. He is best known for his interest in the laws of life which influence the successes, failures, and problems of life, the so called “pennies from heaven.”

A. Sviyash founded special methodologies that allow people to find a way out of the most challenging situations in life. His published books have sold around 10 million copies and were translated into several languages to satisfy the demand for his works worldwide. He emphasizes that each person has a great amount of concealed resources and that everyone only needs to know the ways of identifying and using them.

In the professional world, he does not look at himself as a successor of any single system of knowledge and he finds some of the Russian and Western teachers to be really close to his heart. He considers these methodologies used in his books to be the outcome of the synthesis of his personal experience as well as elements of enlightenment.