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A new audio file for attracting money

Now I, along with my readers are working on positive affirmations for the new audiofile for selfprogramming called “I am a magnet for money”. Using audiofile are placed the positive affirmations in the Subconscious. As a result the audiofile helps people to see more opportunities to increase their income

Ten guru planet.

Russian edition of magazine Marie Сlaire published an article top Ten guru planet. In from the list included 6 people from USA, one from Israel, two from India and one from Russia. Russia I represent. You can see, you are talking about, if you go to the link

My trainings in other countries

20.03.2014 In March and April I spend training to increase personal effectiveness in Minsk (Belarus) and Almaty (Kazakhstan)

A collection of my materials

10.03.2015 My  Publishing house plans to release a compilation that consists of separate chapters of my different books. This will be a separate book, which will be collected the most interesting and useful materials.

Training festival

25.12.2014 In early January my Training center “Reasonable way” festival conducts training for 100 people at the hotel not far from Moscow. I will teach a class on “How to open a conscious contact with your subconscious”.

Member of the Editorial Board of Socrates Almanac

15.10.2014 I was invited to join the Editorial Board of Socrates almanac. Now I’m a Member of the Editorial Board of Socrates Almanac